Last week in class I have encountered a new way in which I can track the websites I visit.  Although I would want websites to respect my privacy and not track every move I make on this World Wide Web, in a way there is a positive encounter here. This website aids you to track what you have visited and are visting at the present moment. It can enable you to realize the list of websites you are visiting might be dangerous or might not be. The motto we learned in lecture last week can also be implied here. The motto is “think twice, click once”. Whenever we visit sites we should beware of its settings because in modern society you usage can alter many things. I have also included my collusion graph. I have visited various sites such as Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, Google and many more. They way this graph alters as I move onto another website is amazing. IMG_20130605_024259

Along with this post I have included two pictures that are licensed by Creative Commons. BorobudurBorobudur


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