Mid-term Study

In week 5 lecture we’ve learned many things such as information overload, Information filtering, Clay Shirky’s video “It’s not information overload, its filter failure”, Personal file and information management, version control, SEO, Key word selection/Google trend, Personal filtering via content curation and aggregation, RSS feeds.


Information overload is described as when there is too much information that you cannot filter out. For example the World Wide Web has massive amount of information in it that it doesn’t get filtered out. All these information are useless as we humans only use 10% of the information we read. This statistics was established in the YouTube video that was in the prezi slides.


Clay Shirky emphasizes this in a more simple way where he starts of explaining what information overload is and gives many stories that define the . The twist to this statement is that the problem is not information overload but it’s the filter failure. The internet doesn’t filter out old or useless information as it keeps it forever. This can create issues such as reading old information or just too much information. Too much information is unnecessary on the internet.


Personal file and Information Management is described as organizing your files. You basically filter personally in the sense that get rid of information in your head that you know that you would not need. Filtering physically in our brains will enable us to grasp new information and give us better research and organizational skills. Information management is where you manage your facts. You organize the information you search through software toolkit. You can also organize your information by storing them in files and when search using the advanced search tab to organize your search so you receive the correct information. You can also do this through content curation and aggregation.


RSS feeds is known as a blog site where information is organized. Many people can view the information posted and this is a good thing because information is already filtered and organized to be viewed by online users.


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