Reserve App

21st century is clashed with what I recall as the rushing century. Technologically, socially, politically and every other terminology that ends with the letters “lly” is approached in a rapid matter. Why? Modern day has placed humans in a difficult position as everything is intuitively starting to grow. The App I built was Reserve. I feel like this app will enable everybody to buy some time. If someone is making diner reservations they can reserve a table before its taken rather than rushing into the restaurant and emotionally be distressed over that. When ones making a hotel/motel reservation the app will use GPS to locate the nearest and furthest hotel/motel and enable some time to be given to be at the location instead of quickly arriving at the destination and the aftermath of remembering that they forget important medication at home. The “reservation” that seems to be at a rise today is the reservation of electoronics and appliances. When you use the mobile app or webpage of a electronic of appliance store they enable you to reserve some time of an item (approximately 20 minutes) so you can view the item in person without anyone purchasing it. The App I built mainly focuses on this as it enables users to have the right to reserve an item in store so they can calmly view the item in person instead of rapidly getting there and to be brought down by the news that their item has been sold. This app is going to buy people time! Time cannot be wasted in this day and age as everything is rapidly growing. As a University student juggling 4 course I realize that. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO RESERVE!!!

Link to my App:


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