This final blog will be about my final project for EID100. EID100 is an amazing course being taught at Ryerson which I believe is bringing out the inner media enthusiast out of everybody. I have seen a big difference in my performance with technology before and after taking this class. The Final Project as instructed by the Instructor was about one of the topics from the course. My partner Xiao and I picked the topic “accessibility”. The content on this topic was heavy. We had to condense it to 4 main concepts which are how accessibility affects transportation, Built environment, employment and Info/communication.  These are the main topics that were in the lecture and we decided to expand on it and give a bit more information. Overall this project was a success and had fun doing it. Working together to do a video was something I have never done only after this class. Editing videos and looking for licensed images is hard work but it all pays off at the end when you view your work. I enjoyed doing this project. 🙂

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This week the tutorial assignment was enjoyable as I had fun playing around with this new content called “Piktograph”. This webpages has poster designs where you can choose from and create your own piktograph. The template is usually filled with information. My piktograph is contains information about Occam’s Razor blog which is written by Avinash Kaushik. The blog I choose was titled, “Two Amazing Bar Charts: % Content Consumption, % Share of Search”. This blog basically explained the different types of ways you can attract your webpage and the various webpages that do contain useful information but are hindered by google. Many webpages filter our your search because there is so much data and it only lets your view the most visited webpages believing it to be useful information. There are other webpages that contain better information but not have been viewed as much as these. To get away from this there are steps you need to follow which is fully explained by the author of this blog. The link below is a link to his blog article and my piktograph.

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I’ve partnered up with my colleague Xiao to create an extremely short video to promote EID100. I guess one of the great things about keeping the video short is that the information is easier to grasp.  This video promotes EID100 which is an amazing course taught at Ryerson University. It promotes media studies which is great as many universities do not do that. In modern day media studies is important as it is the key to today’s technologically challenged society. This gives your various information as to how to do digital editing, the various cautions you need to take when you’re agreeing with another companies terms and services or even about vicious malware programs which  are happening more often these days.


Reserve App

21st century is clashed with what I recall as the rushing century. Technologically, socially, politically and every other terminology that ends with the letters “lly” is approached in a rapid matter. Why? Modern day has placed humans in a difficult position as everything is intuitively starting to grow. The App I built was Reserve. I feel like this app will enable everybody to buy some time. If someone is making diner reservations they can reserve a table before its taken rather than rushing into the restaurant and emotionally be distressed over that. When ones making a hotel/motel reservation the app will use GPS to locate the nearest and furthest hotel/motel and enable some time to be given to be at the location instead of quickly arriving at the destination and the aftermath of remembering that they forget important medication at home. The “reservation” that seems to be at a rise today is the reservation of electoronics and appliances. When you use the mobile app or webpage of a electronic of appliance store they enable you to reserve some time of an item (approximately 20 minutes) so you can view the item in person without anyone purchasing it. The App I built mainly focuses on this as it enables users to have the right to reserve an item in store so they can calmly view the item in person instead of rapidly getting there and to be brought down by the news that their item has been sold. This app is going to buy people time! Time cannot be wasted in this day and age as everything is rapidly growing. As a University student juggling 4 course I realize that. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO RESERVE!!!

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Mid-term Study

In week 5 lecture we’ve learned many things such as information overload, Information filtering, Clay Shirky’s video “It’s not information overload, its filter failure”, Personal file and information management, version control, SEO, Key word selection/Google trend, Personal filtering via content curation and aggregation, RSS feeds.


Information overload is described as when there is too much information that you cannot filter out. For example the World Wide Web has massive amount of information in it that it doesn’t get filtered out. All these information are useless as we humans only use 10% of the information we read. This statistics was established in the YouTube video that was in the prezi slides.


Clay Shirky emphasizes this in a more simple way where he starts of explaining what information overload is and gives many stories that define the . The twist to this statement is that the problem is not information overload but it’s the filter failure. The internet doesn’t filter out old or useless information as it keeps it forever. This can create issues such as reading old information or just too much information. Too much information is unnecessary on the internet.


Personal file and Information Management is described as organizing your files. You basically filter personally in the sense that get rid of information in your head that you know that you would not need. Filtering physically in our brains will enable us to grasp new information and give us better research and organizational skills. Information management is where you manage your facts. You organize the information you search through software toolkit. You can also organize your information by storing them in files and when search using the advanced search tab to organize your search so you receive the correct information. You can also do this through content curation and aggregation.


RSS feeds is known as a blog site where information is organized. Many people can view the information posted and this is a good thing because information is already filtered and organized to be viewed by online users.



Last week in class I have encountered a new way in which I can track the websites I visit.  Although I would want websites to respect my privacy and not track every move I make on this World Wide Web, in a way there is a positive encounter here. This website aids you to track what you have visited and are visting at the present moment. It can enable you to realize the list of websites you are visiting might be dangerous or might not be. The motto we learned in lecture last week can also be implied here. The motto is “think twice, click once”. Whenever we visit sites we should beware of its settings because in modern society you usage can alter many things. I have also included my collusion graph. I have visited various sites such as Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, Google and many more. They way this graph alters as I move onto another website is amazing. IMG_20130605_024259

Along with this post I have included two pictures that are licensed by Creative Commons. BorobudurBorobudur


Tutorial Activity 3

My Partner Xiao and I have decided that we should do our final project on “accessibility” as it is a “hot” topic of modern day. Below I have provided the link to our video in which we explain the different elements of accessibility. We define the word accessibility first and move onto a little description of accessibility in the advancing technological world. We provide pros and cons for it which enable the reader to understand the different views of accessibility. We briefly discussed our topic as we will be going into depth with it for our final project. We did a voice-over for the presentation which was a great experience. Using a new program to do the voice over and playing around with the functions of the software enabled my partner and I to discover new elements of the program thus made it easier for us to access the information.

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