Google questions #EID100

  • How would you search for an exact word or phrase?
    I would search for an exact word or phrase by getting straight to the point and describing the word or phrase that I would like to search up.
  • How would you search for something on a specific site?
    I would search for something on a specific site by going to the advanced search button tab and inputing the detailed information that I would want found. most websites such as Google, Dogpile and even Ryerson’s library archives have this which enables us to narrow our searches down and be specific. 
  • How would you correctly search for a definition?
    I would correctly search a definition by inputing the key words “define ______”. Inputing this keyword into Google will automatically bring up Google’s definition of the word retrieved from a source and also other sources that also define the word. You can then compare the definitions. 
  • How would you search for a specific product available within a specific price range?
    When you go on a shopping webpage there is usually options that enable you to search your price range. corporations such as Future Shop, Forever 21 and even real estate home pages carry a tab which enables you to choose what kind of price range of appliances, clothing and houses you are looking for.
  • How would you search for a specific file type?
    searching for a specific file type is hard but you can easily do this by the advanced search tab that is placed beside the search bar. when you click that tab it will enable you to narrow your search and you can find the specific file type you are looking for.
  • How would you include or ignore words in your search?
    By getting straight to the point you would need to ignore certain words and by deleting these words your search would be narrowed down.
  • How would you find related pages?
    You can usually find related pages through the advanced search tab.
  • How would you find a topic, searching all available synonyms of a word?
    You can usually find these types of information on When you click the thesaurus section it enables you to type the words and gives you many words that are synonyms. You can also type this quest into Google which will also give you information.
  • How would you find the time in another country?
    Websites such as Google and Dogpile will retrieve the best search links for this suggestion. They will usually have it on they database.
  • How would you find out how many Egyptian pounds you get for $20 Canadian dollars?
    You can place this question in the search bar and information will pop up. There are many different opinions and answers which means narrowing down your search will be a good idea.